Following on from our blog dated October 16th 2015 titled… Subaru Concept cars. these are the first pictures of the Impreza Concept car.

The Impreza concept car made its debut at the LA Motorshow this year.  This is a concept previewing the next generation of design not just for the new Impreza but for all future Subaru cars.

Subaru say the new design expression is of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” 

There is still no news on the engine sizes or specification but we are sure that it will be all wheel drive.


Subaru Impreza concept car rear

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This could be a big step forward for Subaru in this segment.

Lets wait and see the production version, but if it looks like this concept it could be a very interesting car indeed. (Especially looking at it  from the front and the rear).  Also who wouldn’t want “enjoyment and peace of mind” in their lives?

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