Subaru will be showing 2 new concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show.

First is the design study that previews the next Impreza.  Subaru inform us that it will be a 5 door car and from the picture, if it looks anything like this when it is launched for real it will be a striking looking car.

Subaru Impreza concept

The next Subaru concept car to be show at the Tokyo Show is the VIZIV Future Concept. 

This Concept car will be showcasing Subaru automatic driving functions and new safety technologies.

This could be mixing it with the highly competitive SUV market segment.

Subaru VIZIV Future ConceptSubaru VIZIV Future Concept rear


We Blog Any thoughts…………….

Subaru are showing us a new design direction.  Both market segments that the two concept cars are aimed at are very competitive.  If the two concept cars get the go-ahead (and we hope they do) that Subaru in our option has to stay very close to the two design concepts shown above. 

We Blog’s message to Subaru……..

Please don’t water down the design too much if you choose to produce either or one of them.  They look good!


More info to come.

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