This is the new smart fortwo EQ Prime Premium Plus Coupe.  In the past I have driven different smart cars, including the BRABUS model, which were all fun and all used a petrol engine in the rear.  This smart fortwo EQ is even more quirky than the typical smart car….the reason is that this one is completely battery powered.

The lithium-ion battery produces 82 Hp and 160 Nm of torque.  

It has a range of 99 miles, and with a 22 kW charger it can be charged in 40 minutes (6 hours) using a wallbox and a standard three pin household socket.

I didn’t drive it for long because, when I finally got around to driving it, it only had 33% charge left (I didn’t want to be the guy who ran it out of charge).  

To drive the smart fortwo EQ is surreal. You put the key in the ignition to turn it on, select drive, release the handbrake and off you go.  It silently pulls away.

Press the accelerator pedal harder and the power is instant….making this car brilliant for darting around through the inner city traffic. It drives remarkably well when you take into account its short wheelbase.

I didn’t take it too far but I did get up to the national speed limit for a short time.  All I could hear was a slight whine from, what I would guess, is the electric motor and transmission.  Oddly enough I found this reassuring… at least I knew that it was “on” and working!

Inside is very much like a normal petrol smart fortwo.  It has great, all round visibility and with the Panoramic roof (which is standard equipment on this smart) makes the cabin very bright and airy.

For the very short time that I drove this smart EQ,  it makes sense for the urban commute. 

Some may say that it is a bit “costly” (even with the government grant) but put that to one side….. if you have somewhere to charge it at home, or work, it makes perfect sense.