Left Gordon Murray, Shell concept car, Hidehito Ikebe and Bob Mainwaring.

This is Shell’s three seater concept car. It shows efficiency improvements can be achieved by using new technologies in vehicle design, body, engine and lubricants.
It is a total redesign of the Gordon Murray design T.25 city car produced in 2010.
The following are sample test results using different driving conditions:
107 miles per gallon

[2.64Litres per 100km] [38km/Litres] [89.1 miles per gallon US] at 70kmph/45mph and an improvement of 4.67g CO2/km on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) from the use of bespoke lubricants, equivalent to a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to standard lubricants available in the UK.

Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice-President of Shell’s global lubricants said;

“This is a significant automobile engineering milestone. I’m very proud of what Shell’s scientists and their partners at Geo Technology and Gordon Murray Design have achieved. Insights gained from this project could be transformational in terms of how we address energy use in the road transport sector. Energy use and climate change are major issues for society. This project shows that if we use the best of today’s technology, including cutting edge lubricants science, we could potentially have a major impact on energy use and reduce CO2 emissions. The improvement in economy derived from the collaborative design of engine and lubricant is impressive and highlights the enormous benefits achieved from close relationships between design partners. It also shows the powerful role that lubricants can potentially play in helping achieve CO2 reduction targets.”

Shell concept car inside

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Interesting look ….and what they learn from this can be used in the next up and coming road cars.

Shell Concept Car_Profile

Shell/Justin Leighton.

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