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A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Saphe asking me if I would like to review their new Drive Mini traffic alarm.

Naturally, I was intrigued and researched the company to find out what they are all about.

For those of you (like me) who have not heard of Saphe…they are a Danish technology company. Currently they are Europe’s best selling traffic alarm brand. Their aims are to reduce the number of road traffic accidents/incidents, speeding fines and points on our driving license by sharing real time traffic data. This can be done by other Saphe users notifying the system of any potential dangers on the road.

These include: 

  • Dangers on the road
  • Vehicles on the motorway hard shoulder
  • Traffic Jams
  • Fixed and mobile speed camera sites

There is no subscription fee and it works in Europe.

When the Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm arrived through the post the first thing I noticed (when opening the box)  was how compact and simple the unit is. I just followed the quick and easy to read instructions on how to set it up…including pairing it to my phone using the Saphe App. As I say it was all very straightforward and easy.

It comes with sticky pads so you can fix it to your car’s dashboard or centre console. I requested the air vent mount.

The Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm connects to my phone via Bluetooth as soon as I get into my vehicle. Saphe claim that the battery can last up to 6 months before it needs recharging. I can believe that statement because I haven’t charged it since I took it out of the box. 

I have been using it for a while now and I’m really happy to report that it is now my new motoring “guardian angel” and it constantly notifies me of all types of road dangers ahead.

A few days ago I was travelling on the M4 motorway. The Saphe alarm notified me when I entered an average speed zone in advance. If you have been anywhere near the M4 motorway near Slough in recent times there is a long stretch of roadworks with average speed cameras. Us drivers already know how easy it is to increase speed and potentially break the speed limit in these average speed camera zones.

The Saphe Drive Mini sounded its alarm while its bright clear visual colour display symbol (of a speed camera) flashes up – reminding me of my speed and the distance to the next camera.

It also warned me that I was approaching a vehicle on the motorway hard shoulder. A few days later it warned me of possible danger ahead on an A-road that I was travelling on early in the morning. The unknown danger to me (which I was approaching) was fog in the area. It made me even more alert than usual because where I was driving at the time visibility was good….until I approached the foggy area that the Saphe Drive Mini warned me about. Warning other motorists of danger is a great feature of Saphe products. 

When reporting a new incident the unit has 2 big easy to press buttons. 

The right hand side blue button reports a new camera site that the system hasn’t warned you about. You can hold your finger on it for a few more seconds to select the right camera type and then press the green tick to confirm. 

The left hand side red button reports an incident on the road/motorway. If you want to report a broken down vehicle for example on the hard shoulder, just press the red button for a few seconds until a picture of a car and warning triangle is displayed. Press the tick to confirm. 

I also use the App on my phone to see real time traffic congestion and the sites of road cameras.

This is a really good traffic alarm system and I like the idea that we (who use and report road issues on it) are part of a community looking out for each other.

I thoroughly recommend the Saphe Drive Mini and it only costs £59.99 if you buy it direct from the Saphe website. There is a cheaper version called the Saphe One+ at £49.99.

I am really pleased to offer We Blog Any Car readers a 15% discount off the price of either the Saphe Drive Mini or the Saphe One+ when you use the special discount coupon code –


This code is valid from the 2nd November – 14th November 2021.

I totally understand why in Europe over 11,000,000 drivers use the Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm. My fiancée (who openly admits that she really doesn’t like tech) witnessed first-hand how easy it is to use and the benefits from this device on a recent trip to London and she now wants one (I now know one thing to get here for Christmas)!

For more information or to order just click below on the Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm or the Saphe One+ traffic alarm. Saphe Air Vent Mount retails at £8.99.


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