Rolls-Royce have announced that they are now going to be testing their new all wheel drive SUV prototype. It is called the new Project Cullinan, or in Rolls-Royce language…. ‘all-terrain, high-sided vehicle’.

This test vehicle will be traveling to different location around the world for extreme testing. It will be going to the Arctic Circle for cold weather and traction testing and then it will go to the Middle East for some desert conditions.

From the pictures you can see that it is heavily disguised, but look closely and you can make out its very distinctive Rolls-Royce headlights and grill.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment in the development of Project Cullinan both for Rolls-Royce and for the patrons of luxury that follow us around the world.”  “Bringing together the new four-wheel drive system and the new ‘architecture of luxury’ for the first time sets us on the road to creating a truly authentic Rolls-Royce which, like its forebears, will reset the standard by which all other luxury goods are judged.”

Said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

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