Porsche 911 Black Edition

This is the current Porsche 911 soon to be updated by a facelifed model. So Porsche have decided to dress up this 911 with some very appealing stylish touches.

We Blog Any Car stats:
350 Bhp
3.4 Litre
179 Mph
0-62 Mph 4.8 seconds
Colour only black.
Turbo alloy wheels 20inc
Porsche crest on headrests
7 Speed gearbox
Sports steering wheel
Cruise control
Park assist
Heated seats

Bose surround system

LED headlights

Price from £75,074.00

We Blog Any Car thoughts………………
Oh it looks good!
For an extra £1565.00 over a standard 911 its a must.
Providing you like the colour black.

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