Is Peugeot just doing their thing? Or could future Peugeots have an element of this styling?

Take a look at this the Peugeot Fractal Concept Car.

Ok its a concept car but Peugeot must be doing some thinking out aloud here. Could this be the company new corporate front grill? forget the flashy LED headlights and suicide doors, it wouldn’t make it into production. Could this be an replacement for the RCZ? or maybe they are moving into a different market segment with a 2 door sports coupe/hatchback or convertible?  Who knows?

Peugeot Fractal Concept Car rear

We shall keep our eye on this to see if any of the design features sneak their way into new Peugeots.

Check out the inside door panel, very futuristic.

Peugeot Fractal Concept Car door

I can tell you that the Fractal has lithium-ion battery in the central tunnel which lowers the centre of gravity. (Better for handling) It produces 204hp and can disrubute the power to which ever wheel that has the most grip. Its range is a combined-cycle of 450km and can reach 0 to 62mph in 6.8 seconds. This concept car is designed for the city in mind and even boosts four-wheel-drive electric steering to help with the city driving.

Back to the real world.

The Peugeot 308 steering wheel.

Now I understand the unusually small steering wheels in new Peugeots.

I found myself sitting in a new 308. I adjusted the seat and steering wheel to make myself  comfortable and then I noticed how the steering wheel doesn’t block out the dials see photo below.

Peugeot 308 dials

This photo was taken to show my eye line and what I could see. The rev counter and the speedo are not blocked by the steering wheel. They are in perfect line.

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