The new Vauxhall Combo Cargo van short review.

This is one of the first Vauxhall vans to be jointly developed under new ownership of the PSA Group.  Some of the side panels may look familiar and this is because it shares some of its DNA with Citroen and Peugeot vans. 

This is not a negative thing as I think it is now a van that looks rather “fit for purpose.”  When you view it from the front you will not mistake it for any other brand due to its Vauxhalls corporate styling big grill, slim headlights and proud bold chrome Griffin Vauxhall badge.

So, not only has the exterior looks been improved, but the interior is a huge improvement from the Combo that it replaces.  The plastics that have been used in the interior have a quality feel and I am happy to write that this includes the dashboard buttons, heater controls and electric window switches…. even the seat cloth is a massive improvement.   The driving position is commanding with a great view out of the windscreen.  The steering wheel is both reach and rake adjustable.  The driver seat is 6-way adjustable and includes lumber adjustment allowing me to get a comfortable driving position.  It has good all-round rear/side visibly view from the door mirrors. 

The model that I have been driving is the Limited Edition Nav.  Prices start at £20,953.33 plus vat for this version.  As standard it has a 8-inch touchscreen sat-nav infotainment centre,  air con, electric window, electric/heated mirrors, flat-bottomed steering wheel, airbag, auto headlights, glove box, cruise control, hill assist, central locking, coloured coded side mouldings/bumpers and alloy wheels. 

As an extra (and I think is well worth it) is the FlexCargo Pack (£612.00).  This option adds a third seat between the passenger and driver.  The third seat can be folded to be used as a rather handy table….I found myself leaning on it and using it as a armrest in traffic.  Both passenger seats can be folded forward which exposes a neat flap in the all metal bulkhead.  This flap can be opened allowing longer items from the rear to be passed through. 

Sliding side door and rear left/right opening doors are standard.

On the open road the new Combo drives like a car/SUV more than a van.  At very low speeds I can turn the steering wheel lock to lock with my little finger the steering is that light.  On the move it weights up and becomes quite positive. From time to time I have to actually remind myself that I am driving a van – that’s how well it travels on the roads around the Cotswolds.  It is really comfortable to drive – whether it be around town or on the open road.   

Even changing gear is a relaxing exercise in the new Combo van.

Inside the cabin is full of cubby holes and storage.  It has a huge glove compartment and door storage bins that can fit big bottles etc in them.  There is storage above both the driver/passenger and a little compartment on the top of the dashboard above the instrument cluster. 

After spending some time driving the new Combo van I can now understand why it has been awarded 2019 International Van Of The Year as well as winning many other awards. 

We Blog Any Stats:

  • 1.5 litre Turbo Diesel Start/Stop BlueInjection engine
  • 130 PS
  • 300 Nm of torque
  • 6 speed manual
  • Servicing 25000 miles or 2 years ( which ever comes first)
  • 45.6 – 51.4 mpg
  • 108 – 121 g/km
  • 1781 mm load length
  • 1236 mm load height
  • 1000 kg up to payload 
  • 2300 kg gross vehicle weight

Prices for the new Vauxhall Combo Cargo van start from £17,878.33 on the road plus the VAT.