Suzuki are looking way into the future with these 4 concept cars.  They will be on show at this months Tokyo Motor Show.


Suzuki Mighty Deck closedSuzuki Mighty Deck dash

Suzuki say that this is a fun-oriented minicar with a canvas roof and an open rear deck that can be repositioned for different purposes.

Air Triser

Suzuki Air Triser Suzuki Air Triser inside

The Air Triser is a compact minivan with three rows of seats.  You can configure the seats in a “relaxation mode”, where the seats all face each other or in “lounge mode” where the seats form a U shape sofa.



Suzuki Ignis Suzuki Ignis dashSuzuki Ignis rear

A compact crossover that would have the ability to drive on rough terrain.  We Blog assume that it could be all wheel drive.


The IGNIS-Trail

Suzuki Ignis trail inside Suzuki Ignis Trail

The Ignis-Trail is expanding on the IGNIS concept above.

It is offering even better off road capabilities with bigger wheels, wheel arches and a higher ground clearance. Could this be the new Suzuki SJ410?


We Blog Thoughts………………

In 2020 Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary.  If they produce any of the following concept cars their future looks bright.