This is the much improved 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I use the term “much improved” in regards to its looks.

The Porsche Cayenne has always divided peoples opinions with its styling but I think, as the different generations of Cayenne have passed by, Porsche have improved it each time…….with this being the best so far.

This new car doesn’t look so opposing.  The big front air vents within the bumper are still there……but are more subtle with an all-round friendly face design. I also noticed that the car isn’t as tall as the previous model.

I think its biggest improvement has to be the rear end.   Take a look at those new slim rear lights that are joined together by a thin red strip that runs the length of the rear…….Very classy.

The new Cayenne in some ways looks like a slightly bigger Macan, see picture below:

Porsche Macan. 


Inside is dominated by the touch screen that is in the center of the dashboard.

Gone are the interior center console buttons that were in the older model. They have been replaced by a flat, smooth to touch surface.

Sitting in the driver’s seat you still get a commanding view through the windscreen. My eyes seem to focus on the rev counter behind the steering wheel, a prominent and welcome reminder that you are sat a Porsche.

Take a look at the rear passengers climate control and heated seats controls.


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