Last Wednesday night I was at the Preview Event of the new Porsche 911 (992) at Porsche Centre Solihull.

This is the first time that I had a real snoop around a right hand drive version (all the new 911’s at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 were all left hand drive). The interior finish and fit is sublime. From what I can see the new 911 continues from where the previous model left off.

Even though this is a completely all-new car, I love the fact that it still has the DNA of all the Porsche 911’s that came before it. Take for instance the dashboard and interior…. it is all new hi-tech inside but it has that familiar Porsche feel.
Ok…I haven’t even driven it – but from my couple of sittings (in both left and right hand drive versions) so far I have concluded that Porsche has gone and done it again.
Each version gets better and better!

For a quick video walk around the new Porsche 911 just click on the picture below.

Video walk around the new Porsche 911.