Those of you who read my blogs regularly know that I like alternative cars. I had the opportunity to drive a new Lexus (which is an alternative car compared to its rivals).

The model I drove was the new RC F and praise has to be given to the Japanese designers for designing a car that doesn’t look like anything else on the road. I imagine its sharpe and edgy look will command attention from passers-by when driven down the street.  I drove this car at a SMMT Drive Event and it definitely turned heads! 

The version that I drove was the RC F Plus Pack. This means mostly every optional extra is standard on this car.

This model has had the carbonfibre treatment inside. I couldn’t fault the finish and feel of the interior. The seats are comfy and large and they did a very good job of holding me in when negotiating the corners at speed. The feel of the Alcantara and leather is just sublime. When sitting inside,  it gives you the impression that you are in a large GT car. The rear occupants head and leg room wasn’t too bad either. There was enough room to fit 2 adults….but up front driving is where I would want to be.

The seats and steering wheel are all electric adjustable so you can get the perfect driving position. The driving position I had was one that felt quite high, this is because the dashboard seems low.  For me, this was ideal as I like a commanding driving position so I can see where the nose of the car is (especially if you have to negotiate a car like this around a major city centre or a multi-storey carpark….it is big)! 

It is really refreshing to see buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel….this seems to be something that other car manufacturers are moving away from.

In the centre console is a touch sensitive pad which is all quite self-explanatory to operate.  The cursor is on the 7 inch multimedia screen. This is something you will have to operate with your left hand …so it is great if you are left-handed and something you would just have to get used to if you are right-handed (like me). To be fair ….the system is simple with no need too result to the instructions book to operate.

There are 4 different drive modes in the RC F and as this was a short drive around the Alpine Course at Millbrook Test Circuit, I chose to drive it in Normal to begin with and then in Sports S.

In Normal mode the car is a real cruiser. It is probably the mode I would have it in all the time. The 5.0 litre V8 engine just purrs and it feels more like a large luxury saloon car. I could imagine covering many miles comfortably in this mode. If you want to “liven things up” just select the Sports mode….where the feel of the car tightens up. The LED dials turn red and the 8 speed auto gearbox holds itself in gear longer. The exhaust sounds louder as the engine revs increase and the RC F’s whole responsive character changes.  It was now in “attack mode” and whilst I attacked the hairpin bends I found that it had good grip and impressive traction out the corners. For someone like me (who isn’t a racing driver) its computer systems did a great job of controlling everything without being too intrusive.

The V8 engine has an honest, addictive sound which I’m sure would put a smile on any petrol-head’s face and for me this is what this car is all about. I hardly used the gear change paddles behind the steering wheel. I chose to let the auto gearbox do to “its thing” in auto mode.

To sum this car up….I like it….I like it a lot!! It is a car that is very capable of doing long trips (whether on the motorway or a winding A-road). Its ace card for me is the gentle, softer side to its character….if you choose to drive it in that mode.

 We Blog Any Car stats:

  • Lexus RC F Plus Pack
  • 5.0 litre V8 engine
  • 457 bhp
  • 4.5 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 168 mph (electronically limited)
  • 8 speed Sports Direct Shift
  • 19 inch forged alloy wheels
  • Adaptive Variable Suspension
  • Limited-slip differential
  • 23.92 mpg (combined WLTP)
  • 258g/km CO2
  • £62,755 on the road price

Car supplied by Lexus UK.