This is the new rear-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica.
The new model sits between the Huracán EVO and the STO.
Like the Huracán STO it uses the same 5.2 litre V10 engine which produces 631 bhp and 565 Nm of torque. 0 to 62 mph only takes 3.2 seconds.

Rear downforce has been increased by 35% and drag reduced by -20% compared to the Huracán EVO RWD.

The Huracán Tecnica condenses Lamborghini’s design and engineering expertise to create the perfect fun-to-drive Huracán, as compelling when driving to the race circuit as it is on the street itself. The Tecnica ensures that the pilot enjoys the strongest connection to the car and asphalt, with the car’s potential always at his fingertips for ease of use in every driving mode and environment: in an era of virtual experiences it pays homage to technical purity and physical sensation. The Tecnica completes the Huracán line-up, sitting perfectly between the RWD and the track-focused STO, flawlessly presenting technology, performance and the Huracán’s V10 aspirated engine in a dramatically evolved design.

Said Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 5.2 litre V10 engine
  • 631 bhp
  • 565 Nm of torque
  • 7 speed dual-clutch gearbox
  • 3.2 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 202 mph top speed
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • 1379 kg dry weight


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