At this year’s Frankfurt Motorshow, BMW showed off their future designs. Today’s blog will focus on their new BMW Concept X7 iPerformance.

BMW have a history of showing us “the media” concept cars that look very similar to the production car when launched.
As a car blogger this excites me because what we are looking at here is going to be very close to the production model.

So…… BMW are looking to produce a luxury SUV, or as BMW will like to call it

” A large sports activity vehicle”.

It will be bigger than an X5 and will seat 7 people with more than enough room for their luggage.

It has a TwinPower Turbo petrol engine with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. It will be able to drive with zero emissions.

Take a look at its new designed vertical kidney grille…….
the real signature of any BMW.
These kidney grill must be the largest to date. They make the front headlights look really slim.

I will guess the 2 vertical front air vents in the bumper will stay in the production version. I could imagine them toned down abit though.

Something else I thought was really nice touch is the “Y” shaped panoramic glass roof. This will give the passengers a bright and airy feel to the cabin.
I really do hope it makes it to the production car.

Interior picture by BMW. 

BMW have taken the opportunity to showcase their Group’s vision of personalised digital content and services.

This is about being more connected in a digital sense in the car. This can be used for either work or pleasure purposes.

For example: The rear passengers could send an internet blog to the person sitting next to them to read in the vehicle. This will then show up on a LED interactive choreography panel on the doors and screens inside the car..

Expect to see it launched in 2018.