The MIOFIVE front and rear dash cam system is a dashboard camera for cars that takes travelling to the next level and ensures vehicles are safe no matter the time of day. Powered by a super capacitor that outperforms lithium-ion batteries and endures extreme weather conditions, the front camera captures 4K UHD (3840×2160) at 30fps (frames per second) using its Sony IMX 415 sensor with the rear camera recording at 2K QHD (2560×1440) at 30fps so all clips are high quality. Combining this with the large colour field on the camera produces clips in real clarity that can be extremely valuable to drivers. In addition, the ultra-wide viewing angles of 140-degrees enable the camera to capture the whole road easily so that no moment or angle is ever missed. All footage is recorded and saved to the built-in 128GB eMMC storage and – through the 5G WiFi connectivity – the MIOFIVE app can be used to live-view the journey.

Additional features on the smart dashcam help users in the event of an accident. With the G-shock sensors – that are supported by an integrated super capacitor – the camera detects bumps and impacts that then trigger 1 minute of recording that can be used to give to the police or insurance companies as irrefutable video evidence of any incidents including hit-and-run or vandalism. The rear camera also documents rear end accidents and front plate numbers of aggressive motorists. Using the GPS and speed tracking capabilities can also help anxious parents with newly qualified drivers to put minds at ease of their whereabouts and their safety and the exclusive Go Assist feature alerts drivers to sudden turns and braking and provides prompts to proceed when traffic flow resumes.

Fast and easy to install and set up, the Dash Cam Dual has simple plug-and-play installation with an included 12V power cable and an optional hardwire kit available to buy if preferred. Paired the MIOFIVE app, a smartphone or tablet can be used to gain quick access to videos saved to the 3840P UHD recorder. All footage can be watched in real-time with frame-by-frame video playback, zoom-in and speed adjusts and driving reports and records can be accessed including GPS logs at ultimate speed of 5GHz Wi-Fi. Through the app, footage can be shared in support of insurance claims but also directly to social media to share special memories and footage from road trips and vacations. Users of the MIOFIVE app will also receive OTA notifications to update software.

Always on guard, the MIOFIVE can capture any collisions even when parked. Using its Sony Starvis night vision and high dynamic range for night time or low-light environments such as indoor car parks, cars are protected even when not in use so they are always being watched for any damage.

With wide compatibility, the dash cam can be used with all vehicle makes and models and is small to ensure there is no obstruction of the view of drivers. It is also possible to disable the voice alerts by category with Custom Voice Guidance.

The MIOFIVE Dash Cam Dual is available at Amazon UK for £249. 

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