This used car is for sale at Grange Specialist Cars Swindon.  It is a 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK250 CDI AMG and a car that I found most interesting. 

I am not ashamed to say that I am normally a “petrol head” (especially when it comes to convertible sports cars) so this car had me scratching my head!? It is a 2-seater, cabriolet, diesel sports car.  This combination initially didn’t make much sense to me…but please don’t let me put you off.  Read more about what this car is really like below….. all will make sense in the end, I promise.

Under the bonnet of this rather suave and sophisticated looking SLK is a 2.1 litre, 2-stage turbo charged, 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces 201bhp and 500 Nm of torque.  This model comes with the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission and 0 to 62 mph takes around 6.7 seconds.  Its combined fuel economy should be around the mid 50’s mpg on a long run but that is all dependant on how heavy your right foot is.

For me, the SLK exterior design has flashes from past Mercedes-Benz heritage models like the original SL and early race cars.  I have always been a fan of the compact proportions of the SLK – with its long bonnet and short rear end. 

The SLK (in my eyes) gives you the best of both worlds of motoring.  Roof up, it’s a coupe with the added security of having a metal roof.  With the touch of a button, the electric roof folds away neatly in a matter of seconds and the car is transformed into a sun worshipping convertible. 

With the roof up the boot is big enough to accommodate holiday luggage too.  

This car has had the AMG styling “magic dust” sprinkled on it with sportier styled bumpers, 18-inch AMG alloy wheels, red seat belts, red stitching on the black leather seats/steering wheel and gear selector gaiter.

The quality and finish to the interior is good and is everything you would expect from a Mercedes.  The panoramic glass roof does a really good job of letting light into the cabin.  I really do like the retro styled font on the speedo and rev counter -which reminds me of its heritage of yesteryear.

I always find it reassuring whilst sitting in the driver’s seat and seeing the car bonnet stretching out in front of me.  My all-round visibility in this car is brilliant.      

When starting the car from cold, I found that this was the only time that I noticed it has a diesel engine.  I drove it on a really cold morning and for that I will forgive it.  

When the engine warmed up it became rather more refined and this is where SLK 250 CDI makes a lot of sense.

The test route was mainly on main roads and then a bit of duel-carriageway.  The SLK suspension just soaked up the bumps and adding to its “magic ride” was its rather silky-smooth gear changes from the 7-speed auto box.  

This car is about effortless cruising.  Don’t get me wrong… this car can shift when it is asked to but It just does it in a rather well-mannered way. The torque, produced by the diesel engine, came in rather handy – especially when coming off a slip road joining a fast and busy dual carriageway.  A slight push on the throttle and the car was up to the same speed as the traffic flow.  

To sum up….this car has covered only 44,000 miles, it offers you frugal diesel economy, practicality, a rather roomy interior, timeless coupe/cabriolet looks and a price tag of only £11,500!!! All of the above make this car a rather interesting, everyday driving proposition.  

For more information on this Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI AMG Sport go to the link below.