This is the new 3rd generation Mercedes Benz CLS.

The version I tested was the 400 d 4Matic AMG Line Coupe. It has a 3 litre, 6 cylinder diesel engine that produces 340 hp. 

0 to 62 mph only takes 5.0 seconds and its top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. 

This is one of those sleek, stealthy looking cars….especially if you choose one in a dark colour.   

I can really see the appeal to this car.  If you want a sleeker looking E-class (and can cope with a little less room) then this is for you.

Inside, you will find it similar to the E-Class but with a lower roofline (that made me feel rather snug). 

Thanks to the electric adjustments with both the seats and steering wheel I could find my perfect driving position.  Like most Mercedes Benz….this car takes no effort to drive. 

On the open road it hides its size well. This CLS has agility control suspension which is 15 mm lower with selective damping.  The ride is excellent and when I just gently stroked the accelerator pedal I hardly noticed the 9 speed auto gearbox doing its thing.  Yes… there are gear change paddles just behind the steering wheel and I did use them.  They reacted quickly to my requests to change up and down the auto gearbox but I preferred to just let the auto gearbox take command of the changes. 

Even though this is a biggish car….its steering was sharp and responsive.  There was a reassuring amount of grip when powering out of a corner and this is thanks to its all-wheel drive system.  I really liked how the chassis felt under me.

An optional extra that I do think is worth going for is the Comfort package. It includes black nappa leather, air balance, air body control and the energizing comfort control (£2,495).

Inside the car I noticed a lovely fragrance that was being pumped into the cabin every so often.  It was very refreshing and along with its mood lighting it all contributed to my wellness inside the car. It really does work.

I will end this short blog review with my thoughts.  I really did enjoy driving the new Mercedes-Benz CLS. It is a car that is ready to do all the serious long distance driving stuff….but when you are ready to have some fun it will happily oblige.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 3.0 litre in-line 6 cylinder engine
  • 340 hp
  • 700 Nm of torque
  • 5.0 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 155 mph (electronically limited)
  • 47.9 mpg combined
  • CO2 156 g/km
  • £60,720 prices start from
  • £70,065 car tested

To see a quick video walk around the Mercedes-Benz CLS 400 d 4MATIC AMG Line Coupe click the picture below.

Car courtesy of Mercedes-Benz UK.