McLaren has confirmed that there will be an all-new Ultimate Series supercar and it will be an open cockpit roadster. 

This new model, that has yet to be named, will be strictly limited to just 399 examples.  Thanks to the use of carbon fibre, it will be a lightweight supercar.  Power comes from a twin-turbo V8 engine. 

“At McLaren Automotive we are consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver the purest and most engaging driving experience whether for the road or track. Our two current ultimate series cars, the Senna and Speedtail, offer unique and distinct driving experiences. Now this new addition to the Ultimate Series, an open-cockpit roadster, will take road-focused driving pleasure to new levels.”

Said Mike Flewitt, CEO, McLaren Automotive.

Its price is going to be between the current McLaren Senna (£750,000) and the Speedtail (£2.1 million).     

First deliveries in late 2020.