Mazda are putting their finishing touches on this the Mazda RX-Vision concept car.
It was first previewed at the 44th Toyko Motor show this year.
The RX-Vision is a front engine rear wheel drive 2 seater sports car with the legendary rotary engine in the front.

This is a beautiful looking concept car with its seductive sweeping lines, low front bonnet, low roof and large rear hunches. These features give it a look that it is moving fast even when its standing still.

Mazda say this:   Mazda’s renowned clay modelers creates reflections that convey motion and thereby capture the spirit of the KODO design language without relying on character lines or other such elements.

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I really hope that Mazda sign this design off. It will really compliment their new car range having a sports coupe at the head of it. Mazda have been designing really impressive concept cars lately, take a look at my blog on the Mazda Koeru concept.

Cant wait to see it at the local Mazda dealership.