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Mazda debut its new Koeru Concept car at the Frankfurt Motorshow.

This is another concept car that looks as if it is almost finished and ready for production.  It is a crossover SUV concept with a premium level look and feel.  Mazda are looking to join in a very competitive game.

Koeru, is Japanese for”exceed or “go beyond” and looking at this design it is a fitting name for it.

It has a look of speed and agility with its 21 inch wheels and low roofline.

The thing we found most interesting about the Koeru is that it looks big when you look at it closely, but when you look at it on the turn table it hides its size well, but one thing that shines through is its premium look.

There is no news on engine sizes yet but Mazda say it has SKYACTIV Technology like all of their new range.

SKYACTIV Technology is Mazda term for increased engine power, better fuel efficiency, suspension, gearboxes, lighter and stronger body.

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Mazda have an impressive, strong range now.  They are a real alternative to the normal run of the mill manufacturers from Europe.  

If you don’t believe us take a look at their new range and not just the new Mazda MX-5.

We predict very happy times for Mazda owners and their dealerships if they produce this concept car.  We think it will cap the range off nicely.

Well done Mazda!  Keep growing in the right direction.

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