I had the chance to drive one of my dream cars…The new Maserati GranTurismo MC.
The last time I drove a Maserati was way back in 2000  (when I was selling new and used Alfa Romeos).  The Maserati I drove back then was the, what is now known as, the ultra rare Ghibli Cup. I still remember that day with fond memories. My customer was torn between (which was new at the time), a limited edition Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 litre Cup and a used Ghibli Cup.   If my memory serves me right…. both cars were around £30,000.

After the test drive, in which I accompanied the customer in the Alfa GTV,  all was going well.  He asked me for my honest opinion.  He wanted to know which car I would choose?  I replied, with no hesitation, that if it was me I would choose the Maserati Ghibli Cup.

A couple of days later he rang me to tell me that he had taken my thoughts on board, and had been down to Bournemouth and bought a used Ghibli Cup.  Yes I had lost a sale…. but I knew I would find another buyer for the Alfa Red 3.0 litre GTV Cup.   I was more than happy with the fact he had chosen the right car for himself.  My reward for being an honest car enthusiast…. was a chance to drive it (courtesy of this customer).

It was brilliant to drive.  It was a pure machine with very little driving aids. A car that would keep you on your toes…. especially in the wet.

After the impression that the Ghibli Cup had left on me,  I jumped at the chance to drive another Maserati.

So, the GranTurismo is over 10 years old and more than 37,000 GranTurismos sold around the world (in both Coupe and GranCabrio form).  For 2018, the GranTurismo has had some major tweeks.

It has a new hand built 4.7 litre V8 engine – which produces 460 hp.
If you choose the MC instead of the Sport model (and I would recommend on doing so)  you get a carbon fibre bonnet with a lovely sculpted air vent, bigger side skirts, a rear lip spoiler, bigger air vents in the front wings, 20 inch forged wheels and 2 beautiful centre-exit exhausts with a central rear diffuser.

Inside, the GranTurismo is covered in my favourite materials – leather and Alcantara with flashes of carbon fibre. This is such a welcoming interior…. with plenty of room.  To bring this car bang up to date, Maserati have introduced a new the 8.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system.  This system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Starting this car is such a pleasure.  You hear the starter motor turn.  To me it seems like forever before it fires up.  There is such theatre with this.  I wish I had recorded it.  I do wish I could start everyday with its soundtrack.  When on the move in Sport mode the V8 engine pushes you into the seat and then you hear the sublime exhaust note (which pops and crackles when you left off the accelerator).  The sound is additive!!

It uses a 6 speed automatic ZF gearbox with paddles shifters behind the steering wheel.

What I really like about this car is that it feels organic and kind of “old skool” –  but with a modern touch.   The car’s characteristic are that of a Gran Tourer…. but don’t get me wrong it can still shift when asked!  0 to 62 mph only takes 4.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 186 mph.

It has made me think that this car may be the last of the true Gran Tourer. The recipe?  A big V8 engine, rear wheel drive, no turbo and a auto gearbox that has less than 7 speeds.

I was sad when my drive was over and I had to hand back the key.  Naturally for me it wasn’t long enough.

I am going to tell you the same thing that I told my customer 18 years ago.  Just go and arrange a test drive in one.  Who doesn’t want a GT car with charm and Italian flare oozing from every fibre?  You have got to drive one…. or better still – own one!

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 4.7 V8 engine
  • normally aspirated
  • 460 hp
  • rear wheel drive
  • limited slip differential
  • 520 Nm of torque
  • 4.7 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 186 mph top speed
  • 6 speed ZF Automatic gearbox
  • double wishbone Sports Skyhook dampers
  • £ 107,865.00 price on the road