RM – Sotheby’s Paris auction sold a (certified by Polo Storico) 1971 Miura SV for €2,423.750. This is the second highest price paid for a Miura SV. 

“This is a pleasing but not surprising result, since it confirms a clear trend. Historical Lamborghinis are of increasing interest to the world’s leading collectors, who are looking for the utmost respect for originality in their cars. The Polo Storico restoration programme, alongside supporting top independent specialists through the provision of advice, documents and original spare parts, makes it possible to obtain restorations of the highest level and quality, which are appreciated by collectors and, consequently, by the market.”

Said Paolo Gabrielli, Head of Aftersales at Automobili Lamborghini.

The other Lamborghini was a 1971 Countach LP400 of which only 157 were built. This car was owned by Rod Stewart and it sold for €775,000.


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