My thoughts to the U.K government.  Why don’t you look and invest more into Hydrogen fuel stations?  I am not a scientist …but my simple understanding of how it all works is that you have a fuel cell unit that mixes hydrogen and oxygen which then creates a load of electrons.  These electrons then power the electric drive motor and charge the battery.  The only issues that I have heard regarding hydrogen is that it is hard to produce, transport and store.  I don’t know how true all that is? Maybe the more common it becomes the lower the price to produce it would become?? 

Still not convinced?  

Ok, at last year Frankfurt Motor Show I stumble upon the new Hyundai NEXO, just take a look at its figures below.

Up to 414 miles driving range (under WLTP conditions).

Can be fully filled with hydrogen in under 5 minutes.

0 to 62 mph in 9.5 seconds.

It produces NO exhaust tailpipe emissions…apart from clean air and water droplets.

The starting price for the new NEXO is £69,995.00 (price includes £3,500 government grant).