This is the famous Lamborghini Diablo which featured in Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl video.

This stunning car is up for sale at Amari Supercars in Preston.  They claim to have sold the car to Jamiroquai in 1996.  Since then the Diablo has had 2 owners.  It had been owned by a German Lamborghini collector.

It is 1 of only 16 right hand models built.

The Diablo is up for sale priced at £549,995 on Autotrader website.



“You’ll often find rare, exotic and famous cars on Auto Trader, but it’s not every day you’ll find one from hyperspace.

“One of three classic supercars used in the Cosmic Girl video – it’s the only one that the ‘Space Cowboy’ actually owned – so although it might price-out most music fans at over half a million pounds – there could be a love affair reunited on the cards if Jay Kay’s browsing Auto Trader this week.”


Said Auto Trader Car’s Editor, Andy Pringle.

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