For the first time Mercedes Benz have added a big luxury convertible to their new car range. It will comfortably seat 4 adults and still have the mind blowing performance in which we would expect from any Mercedes Benz vehicle that has rolled out the AMG factory.

The engine at the front of this big Merc is a 6.0 litre V12 bi turbo that produces 630 hp, but the real reason I am blogging about the S 65 AMG Cabriolet is because they have cut the roof off!

The new soft top fabric roof is multi layered and can be ordered in 4 colours; Black, dark blue, beige or dark red and is finished with a stylish interior roof lining in nappa leather.  (Roof lining in Nappa Leather?  Pure luxury,  it is an S-class after all!).  Like most new converitable cars, the roof can be opened and closed whilst on the move at speeds up to 30 mph.  To open and close the roof, it will take around 17 seconds.

When I first saw the S Class coupe at the Geneva Motorshow I was fascinated by how impressive it looked (even though it was on display in a pearl white colour and I don’t like white cars….unless I am in a hot country). Interestingly, in the metal, I found that it hides its size well because the S Class coupe is a big car inside and outside.

Mercedes Benz S class cab front Mercedes Benz S class front and side


The customer base for our V12 biturbo engine expects the ultimate in every respect. That is why we are offering a four-seater high-performance convertible with this legendary power unit for the first time. The new S 65 Cabriolet sets benchmarks for all relevant criteria: top performance, a breathtaking driving experience and exquisite appointments,  says Tobias Moers, Chairman of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.


We Blog Any Car spec:

  • 6.0 litre 12 cylinder engine
  • Aluminium crankcase
  • Bi turbo
  • 630 hp
  • 4.1 seconds 0-62 mph
  • 155 top speed (electronically limited)
  • CO2 272 g/km
  • AMG 7 speed auto transmission
  • 16 spoke 20 inch Alloy wheels
  • AIRSCARF (neck heating system)
  • Electric memory function sport seats
  • Designo Nappa leather
  • Heated armrest
  • Heated seats in the rear
  • Airmatic sports suspension with comfort or sportier setting
  • Head up display ( details of speed satelite navigation, traffic signs, current gear are projected onto the windscreen. The virtual display will look as if it is floating on the bonnet about 2 metres from you in the drivers seat.  The display measures 21 cm by 7 cm).
  • LED Lights
  • Parking Assist
  • Parking sensors
  • Steering Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Keyless Go
  • Price TBA

As I prefer to keep my blogs short and to the point, I have not listed everything this car has as standard equipment, the list would be quite mind-boggling and vast.  

Order banks will be open 4th of April 2016 with the first cars delivered to their customers in the summer 2016.

Mercedes Benz S class cab dash Mercedes Benz S class engine


We Blog Any Car thoughts…………..

It seems to me that Mercedes Benz are doing an impressive job of creating a vehicle for each market segment, whether it be a larger coupe or a smart car.  Previously Mercedes customers bought an S-class if they needed 4 doors, a CL if they wanted a big 2 door coupe or SL if they wanted the wind in their hair.  This S Class convertible has opened the market up, and the good news is that this model still looks as elegant as the coupe…a great selling point for this car.   Oh…… did I mention the engine sound?.

This could be Mercedes Benz answer to the Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible?


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