Who are Infiniti???

Here is some brief background information about them:

Infiniti started in 1989 and have been selling cars successfully in Japan and the USA for many years. They have various models in their range… from SUV`s, medium to large cars and even coupes. Infiniti will be looking to create the same success here on our shores with the launch of this, their first premium crossover, the Q30.

Lets start with the styling:

I believe you have to take time whilst looking at this crossover vehicle because of the many various angles and shapes that stand out from the bodywork.
From the front it has a very muscular style. This is mainly due to the big snarling, signature Infiniti front grill. This, combined with its piercing LED daytime running lights, has a “get out my way” look!


From the side your eyes are drawn to the crease line. It starts from the front wing, above the headlight. It then flows effortlessly high above the front wing and through the door handles. This continues until it reaches the rear door, where at its lowest point it then starts to climb back up to the rear light unit to finish. This styling, combined with the sloping rear roof, gives it a look of speed and purpose.

Rear view:

The rear has the familiar swoop line from right to left with the chrome trim that seems to be linking the rear lights to the boot window. This detail makes it look as if it is “all in one”. To me it gives the impression that the rear window is floating.

Infiniti Q30 side view  Infinity Q30 rear




Not to be outdone by the look of the exterior, the interior follows the same theme of swooping lines and shapes from right to left. The quality of the trim inside is where this car scores highly. The stiching on the dashboard, the leather trim around the air vents, even the Piano Black trim (Infiniti call it Black Lacquer interior trim) around the radio and centre console gives me the impression of being in a more executive/expensive luxury saloon. I found the switchgear clear and easy to use (personally I like buttons on a car dashboard). The driving postion is good with clear vision out of the windscreen. Something I really like is the high side front wings. The bonnet has a simular creaseline as the side view (as mentioned earlier) and can be seen from both front seats. I used this as a reference point as to how wide the Q30 is when driving….very handy.


Infinity Q30 dash  Infinity Q30 Seat and Dash 2  Infinity Q30 centre console 

The seats are soft and inviting to touch. I was driving a Q30 which had white leather seats. I am not sure that I would choose the white leather myself, that is just personal preference, but I found them very comfortable and well supportive. They gave me enough of what I like to call ‘wiggle room’ for my hips to the top of my shoulders.

Infinity Q30 Front seats  Infinity Q30 window switch

The boot is impressive with its wide opening and flat floor, even better if you fold the seats down. You have a sufficient load area to work with if you have to carry anything back from the furniture/D.I.Y store, or to the tip!?! (Sacrilege in a car like this).


Infinity Q30 boot



The drive:

The steering is so easy. The clutch is light and the gear changes, with the 6 speed manual gearbox, are a breeze. There is no need to force the gear stick as it seems to instinctively go into your next gear.

The Q30 is running on Mercedes Benz GLA running gear and floor pan, it is nice to know that Infiniti didn’t just rest on that! They have redeveloped the suspension parts to accommodate what an Infiniti customer would want. This car is all about you arriving at your next destination fresh and relaxed. You can really feel this by how the car soaks up the bumps on the road. The 1.5 litre turbo diesel engine pulls well through the gears. The cabin is well insulated from engine and wind noise at motorway cruising speeds. The conclusion from all this is that driving the new Infiniti Q30 is very pleasant and relaxing! I do believe this is what the driver would want from a premium crossover car like this ….. whether it was to be used for just nipping to the local shops or a 600 mile journey!!


We Blog Any Car Thoughts……..

The new Infiniti Q30 can carry 5 adults and luggage with ease and it does everything you would expect.. if not better.

So, it’s down to the most important thing for me…………the way it looks! It gets a big tick from me because it doesn’t look like anything else on the road. Some motor manufacturers are being a bit ‘safe’ with their car design, Infiniti isn’t one of them!

So if you appreciate sculpted bodylines this is for you. My photos do not do the bodylines justice.

I am very impressed with Infiniti as this is their first premium crossover vehicle.

Go and check one out for yourself!

Infiniti are here to shake things up and this is a good alternative to the norm. I like alternatives!!!!



Model tested

Infiniti Q30 Premium Tech £28,950 (Q30 prices start from £20,550)

  • 1.5 diesel engine
  • 109ps power
  • 6 speed manual gearbox
  • 118 mph top speed
  • 12.0 seconds 0-62mph
  • 68.9 combined MPG
  • C02 emissions (g/km) 108


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