Hyundai Motor Company have successfully completed a 118 mile trip from Seoul to Pyeongchang in 3 self-driven NEXO hydrogen fuel cell electric cars.
This is the first time in the world that a level 4 autonomous fuel cell vehicle has done this.

This is also the first time that autonomous vehicles has been allowed to drive on Korean public highways at speeds of upto 68 mph (110 km/h).

The NEXO has a range of 500 miles on a single charge of hydrogen.
To fill it full of hydrogen only takes 5 minutes.

The NEXO, Hyundai’s next-generation fuel cell electric vehicle, will be released in Korea next month.

Jinwoo Lee, Head of the Intelligent Safety Technology Centre at Hyundai Motor Group said:

“Hyundai’s philosophy for developing autonomous driving technology is to provide the highest level of safety combined with a high standard of convenience that our customers expect,”

Using new 5G network of KT Corp, the Korean mobile service provider, the test vehicles showed 5 new information technologies all accessed through a user interface.

The rear passengers can use “Home Connect”, which enables the user to control smart devices in their home in real time. They can view the home camera, control the heater, TV, etc.

The “Assistance Chat” allows you, with voice commands, to ask questions to a Chat Box and receive answers in the form of text or images.

“Wellness Care” will monitor the health of the passengers in the rear….. for example, their heart rate or mood state.

“Noise-Away” cabin noise technology and “Mood Care” changes the rear door mood lighting when the “Welliness Care” has been activated.

The occupants in the car can also receive real-time traffic information in different languages.

This could be the future of motoring……………

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