Fiat UK have just launched a new sales campaign called “The Big Swappage Deal” to offer current Fiat owners an extra money incentive to trade in their car for a shinny new Fiat.

This Swappage deal will be offered on top of any deal that a participating Fiat main dealer is offering.

The sales deal covers the whole Fiat range apart from the new 124 Spider. (Shame).  The swappage bonus starts at £500 and goes up to £2,500 off a new Fiat depending on the model.

“The Fiat Swappage Scheme will appeal to customers with cars of any age, make or model.” “However the offer is still available for customers who do not have a part exchange vehicle – they will be eligible for a Swappage cash discount of up to £2,500.”

Said Paul Runza, brand manager of Fiat UK.

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Sounds like a very good deal just in time for Christmas!

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