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Euro Car Parts have introduced a new “Fit It For Me” online service to their parts operation website. This service allows you to buy car parts online and then choose a local approved workshop to fit it. The online service allows you to choose from your closest car workshop or from the workshop labour prices to fit your selected part. After choosing the garage workshop and time, you will then only pay for the part you have ordered online. 

The part you have ordered will be delivered to your garage of choice before your garage workshop appointment. All you will have to do is pay the labour of fitting the part at your selected garage workshop when you are there.  

All very easy and contactless. 
For more information and to use the service – click the picture below and look for the “Fit It For Me” tab. Don’t forget to use the promo code FITTING40 to get 40% off batteries, braking products, oils and filters. 

Currently the “Fit It For Me” service is only available on batteries, headlight bulbs, brake pads, brake discs, oils and oil filters.

Euro Car Parts are looking to add more parts to the ”Fit It For Me” program in the future.  


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