This is the new Renault 5 Prototype. Not only is this concept car easily recognisable as a Renault 5, by its overall body shape and stance, it even has some of the original design elements incorporated into modern features. For example, the bonnet air vent hides the charge point, the front fog lamps (in the bumper) are daytime running lights and the side vent, wheels, rear lights and rear logo are all a nod to the original. All I can say is, “Renault… produce this car soon and please don’t change it too much from this prototype car.”

 “The design of the Renault 5 Prototype is based on the R5, a cult model of our heritage. This prototype simply embodies modernity, a vehicle relevant to its time: urban, electric, attractive.”

Said Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director.

Renault will launch 14 new vehicles which will be available as fully electric or hybrids by 2025.

The original below.


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