The corona virus is now effecting Europe’s largest motor manufacturer – Volkswagen. 
Tomorrow they will be suspending production in their factories for at least 2 weeks.  

“The spread of coronavirus in Europe is increasingly having an adverse impact on the demand situation. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to supply our plants with outsourced parts. For this reason, we have decided to run production down in a coordinated way from the end of the late shift on Thursday. We are convinced that this will also be in the interests of our employees who are becoming increasingly concerned about the spread of corona.” 

Said Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operation Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand.

“At times when people can no longer meet on playgrounds or for concerts, go to church or visit restaurants in the evening and are no longer buying cars, and Volkswagen has supply problems, production cannot simply continue as if nothing had happened. For our colleagues in production, there are is therefore no alternative to the controlled suspension of production. All the points which remain open will be clarified between the company and the Works Council.”

Said Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh.