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Good news for you guys out there that are looking to use a data check website for cars.  I now have a new advert on my website from Car Analytics.

Car Analytics was established in 2018 and aims to provide vehicle  history checks at the most competitive price.

For free you are able to check a vehicle details – e.g MOT history, tax status, vehicle age and estimate mileage.

A Basic Check at £1.99 (which costs less than a cup of coffee) provides information on how many owners, chassis number, plate changes, body colour, performance and running costs etc.

The Full Premium Check is only £8.96 and is currently the lowest price in the U.K for a single detailed check. This includes any outstanding finance, whether it has been written off, valuations – retail, trade price, private sale price, part exchange price, auction price and much more.

Car Analytics services is backed by a £40,000 guarantee.

So, don’t just take my word for it….go and click on the advert. It is either located on the side of my web page (desktop computer) or scroll down the page (mobile device) and check it out for yourself.


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