The german car maker Borgward will start selling its new vehicles in the U.K and Ireland in 2019.
For you car fans who don’t know who they are (and that included me until I stumbled across them at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017) they were around in the U.K in the 1950s and 60s…. until they went bankrupt. Their first motorised vehicle was the Blitzkarren which was produced in 1924.  It had an air-cooled one-cylinder, 120 cc engine that produced 2.2 hp.

Borgward have now teamed up with, the automotive sales specialist, International Motors who will start importing right-hand-drive versions of its premium SUV’s towards the end of 2019…. and then its new electric vehicles sometime in the future.

Tom Anliker, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service for Borgward said:

“We’re very pleased to find such a professional and dedicated organisation that will re-launch Borgward back to the UK and Irish markets.

The New Borgward BXi7.