BMW have launched a new internet car buying system which will allow you to do all aspects of purchasing a BMW car online.

  • So the buying system consists of:
  • which BMW you are interested in,
  • arranging a test drive,
  • getting a trade in value for your part exchange,
  • agreeing financing options,
  • payment options,
  • choosing a dealership and getting a delivery date all from your own PC.

Also at any point of the process you can contact a sales executive, at the dealership of your choice, via email or live chat.


Ian Robertson, Member of the Board for Sales and Marketing, said: “We are the first car manufacturer to offer a digital sales solution for the entire product range and the full end-to-end buying or leasing process online. Now, the customer can do it all from the comfort of their home. The integration of the BMW Genius via live chat and retailer messaging functions where the customer is able to get personalised support in real time, makes this system unique and a new benchmark for the automotive industry.”

    In 1998 customers would have visited a dealership approximately 4 times before purchasing their car.  Nowadays customers are visiting a dealership on average 1.4 times before buying their new car and this is because of the internet.  Customers are now researching their potential new car purchase online.   


Nigel Hurley, Sytner Group BMW Divisional Managing Director, whose retail outlet took part in the trial, said: “This is great news for retailers. It forms part of our ever more customer-centric focus and makes life easier for the customer. We see this becoming an increasingly important channel in the future.”

We Blog Any Car thoughts…….

This will be a new and interesting way to purchase your car.  Just think….no more looking for somewhere to park at the dealership,  no more walking into the new car showroom waiting to be pounced on by a pushy sales guy with a shiny tie and bad suit,  Or worse case scenario simply being ignored!

BMW have made it very simple to use.  Just go to choose your BMW model then go onto the car configurator, and you will see Purchase your BMW.  Click that and you are well on your way to your new BMW. 

Well done BMW a great idea. 

Can’t wait to see what Black Friday deals you will be doing next year on New BMW cars.

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