Are you thinking of buying a used sport coupe car?  Well how about the BMW Z4 Si Coupe? (which I think is destined to be a future classic car).  I also think that now is the time to pick one up at a reasonable price before used prices start to rise.

So here is why the little BMW Z4 Si is such a cracking car.  In my opinion this is a well proportioned 2 seater sports coupe.  It is powered by a naturally aspirated straight-six BMW engine that produces around 261 bhp.  All the power from the 3.0 litre petrol engine is fed to the rear wheels. The only version that is better than it is the rather “power mad” and expensive Z4M Coupe. Z4 Si’s are rare and are also currently building a cult status –  and rightly so. Z4 coupes have competed in a lot of motorsport over the years. 

The driving position is great. I found that I sit low down with my legs stretched out in front of me.  All the controls and the big BMW steering wheel seem familiar. The dashboard has a dark and minimal look to it.  I prefer a Z4 Si with lighter coloured leather seats… I think it is a nice contrast to the dark dashboard.

Viewing out of the windscreen (peering over the long slopping bonnet) gives me the impression that my backside and bodyweight is situated just above the rear wheels. I really do feel that I am sitting and driving this car from the rear.

The BMW Z4 Si is a joy to drive, It has an analogue feeling to the car characteristics.  Even selecting first gear (before moving off) I could feel and hear the mechanical procedure of selecting a gear.  

The free revving, smooth 3.0 litre straight-six engine is a classic. It deliveries the power with a sound track to back up this striking looking coupe. The Z4 Si Coupe steering and pedals feel quite heavy to operate (compared to newer cars) but the whole driving experience is really engaging.  It is a car that can be driven daily and rather sensibly if you choose to.  It even has a quite handy boot.

Z4 Si used prices are currently between £5,000 for rather high mileage vehicles and £12,000 for ultra low mileages cars.  

Currently, Porsche Cayman’s (987) used prices start at around £10,000 and these cars have covered over 100000 miles!!! 

For the money….I don’t think that there is a better 2 seater coupe car on the market that gives the driver a “connected to the car” feeling when driving.  I love the Porsche Cayman (987) and I would recommend one for the “Porsche” experience but they are alot more expensive. 

This is why I feel that the Z4 Si is now growing in appreciation and is well worth considering. It has all the ingredients to be a future classic car which you can enjoy now.