So, the weather was not too bright on Monday (bank holiday) so I spent it catching up with Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4.
After this latest update I was really pleased to find some extra tracks and new cars included. I then noticed there was a special new car added (special to me). So I purchased it straight away with my Gran Turismo credit.
This car has to be one of the worse, real life, car decisions I have ever made (not Gran Turismo PlayStation life). The car in question is the BMW M3. 20 or so years ago I passed up the opportunity to buy a used M3, when the prices of a used M3 (E30) were sensible…. and in my price range. The decision not to buy that car haunts me everyday…. but hey I can’t change the past.
Now, I have the opportunity to buy one (via a ps4 game) and drive it way past its real driving limits (without getting hurt or going to jail).

So here it is-

The BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

The first thing I did was to select the Nürburgring Nordschleife Tourist Layout track and turn off the traction control.
I wanted to know how this car feels without being in a race….
boy it doesn’t disappoint in the PlayStation world.

The oversteer is so progressive and controlled (not the fastest way to get around the track but the best if you want to watch your own replays).

The steering is sharp and precise…. allowing you to place the car on the track in all the right places.
There isn’t much pitch or roll when hurtling around the track.

Braking, with the M3 Sport Evolution does make you feel a little bit uneasy…. mainly because the brakes are not super sharp.  However it is an old car and you mustn’t compare it to today’s Gran Turismo cars.

If you want to learn a track, or prefect your car handling skills, this is a great car to do this with.

For me,  it still hurts that I did miss out on owning one for real back in the day.
I do live in hope for the future.
For now… it is definitely in my Gran Turismo dream garage.

Pictures taken from my TV while playing Gran Turismo Sport.  

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