Audi have released details of its latest compact SUV concept car the Q4 e-tron concept.

With the Q4 e-tron concepts we are outlining our plans to cascade e-tron technology into the compact SUV class, and I think these studies clearly show that we will be downsizing without in any way downgrading. Like the two e-trons that paved the way for them both versions are hugely attractive interpretations of the SUV and Sportback brief underpinned by the very latest electrification technology delivered with characteristic Audi quality and ingenuity. I have no doubt that they will encourage wider acceptance of the benefits of electric driving, with the Audi e-tron range.”

Said Director of Audi UK Andrew Doyle.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • Two electric motors 225 kW
  • quattro all-wheel-drive
  • Range up to 310 miles 
  • 6.3 seconds 0 – 62 mph
  • 111 mph top speed

To be launched in 2021.


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