Audi e-tron.Audi e-tron quattro concept – Cockpit Sketch

The cabin of the Audi e-tron quattro concept tapers strongly toward the rear end, approaching the idealized shape of an aerodynamically optimized droplet.

Audi are changing the rules and the game with this the new E-Tron Quattro concept which will be on show at the Frankfurt Motor this month.
It is an sporty SUV with all electric drive with a range of 310 miles.
The E-Tron will have three electric motors, one on the front axle and two on the rear axle.

We Blog Any Car stats:

Movable aerodynamic parts at the front, side and rear
Cd value of 0.25
3 electric motors
The size of the e-tron is between Q5 and a Q7

We Blog Any Car thoughts………..
Audi say that they would like to launch the vehicle,or a vehicle like this, in 2018.
From the pictures it is an interesting design, the battery range that Audi quote is impressive.
This is always the way with concept cars so we definitely need to see it for real… but it is an insight into what Audi are thinking.

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