This is it…….. Alfa Romeo first SUV. The New Stelvio.
I have to admit I was a little apprehensive seeing this car at the show because the pictures really don’t do it justice.
It is going up against some real competitive SUV’s but when up close I realised that Alfa shouldn’t have much to worry about. It’s a bit like the new Giulia, it needs to be on the road. People will see it, they will know its an Alfa, and then they will want it purely by its looks.
Inside is a pleasant calming place to be. Take a look at the wood trim on the dash. I am a fan of it looks. Its interior styling is the same sort of styling as the Giulia and if you have read my previous blogs you will know I like it.
The finish and feel is good. I couldn’t stop rubbing and feeling the interior as it has such a nice feel to the leather steering wheel and the paddle shifts. Good supported seats too.

Visibilty is good but it should be since you have an elevated view.

We Blog Any Car thoughts…………..

Pleasantly surprised! Looks better in real life. Good interior fit and finish inside.

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