Abarth have launched the 595 Esseessee as part of the brand’s 70th birthday celebrations.  

What makes this car rather special for me (apart from its 70th Anniversary badges) are the awesome 17inch Supersport Racing white alloys wheels and the extremely comfy Sabelt carbon fibre shell front seats.  Visually, the Italians know how to set my heart rate racing just by adding a few nice racing inspired touches to their cars.

I must add that there are some items on this car which are not only a visual improvement…. but they actually improve the car performance. It comes as standard with a mechanical limited slip differential, Brembo brake calipers,  BMC air filter, Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) suspension and a Akrapovic exhaust with carbon fibre tips…. just to name a few. 

Inside, the motorsport theme continues with a carbon fibre dashboard and flashes of carbon fibre on the steering wheel.

Not only are the seats much better visually, they felt great too and I liked how they held me in whilst I flung this car around some quick bends. 

I drove this car in the Sport setting.  I think if I was to own one, this would be the setting it would be in most.  Why you may ask? Well, the Akrapovic exhaust becomes angry and from time to time I could hear the pop and crackles coming from it. This not only adds to the “theatre” but also the steering becomes  weightier and more to my liking. 

The high driving position gave me a brilliant view outside.  I think whatever your driving position preference, you will feel as if you are sitting “on” rather than then “in” this car. 

The steering wheel felt thick and chunky in my hands. I really love the turbo boost gauge pod to the left of the TFT instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

So when I set off….what was immediately apparent is how the car suspension felt.  It fed back to me how smooth or bumpy the road surface was beneath me.  The suspension set up is firm and the whole car handling was enjoyable and safe.  Push it way too hard into a corner and the car will progressively understeer out wide but when I reduced the corner entry speed slightly then it was fantastic in, around and out of the corners.  

So, blog readers….. you can have some great fun driving this car.  I am very much a smiley kind of guy, but I do think that most people who will get behind the wheel of this car (either on a free flowing road or when darting in and out of city traffic) will also have a big grin on their face!  The Abarth 595 Esseessee 1.4 turbo charged petrol engine produces 180 hp, and it is responsive and feels quick.  It pulls well and its turbo kicks in around 2300-2500 rpm. Its 0-62 mph time is only 6.7 seconds.  For me….it felt faster and I think this was because of the passion I felt driving it! Like they say….”Time flys when you’re having fun!!”

Back on the 17th of September I wrote this on my blog about the Abarth 500

The Fiat 500 and the Abarth has a place in our hearts here at We Blog Any Car.  It has a brilliantly designed and quality feel interior coupled with Italian styling.  You can’t go wrong!!! Resale values are holding up well.
It is one of those cars that looks good anywhere.  It doesn’t look out of place in Chelsea London, driving slow on the M40 motorway or parked in a supermarket car park.  Timeless!!

I will stand by those words.

Lets not forget that with this car you are getting a bit of Abarth’s 70th celebrations forged into its DNA.

We Blog Any Car stats:

  • 1.4 litre 4 cylinder engine
  • turbo
  • 180 hp
  • 6.7 seconds 0 to 62 mph
  • 140 mph top speed
  • 5 speed manual
  • 155 CO2 emissions
  • £25,295 price starting from

Car courtesy of Abarth UK.