A very good friend of mine told me in the latter part of 2016 that I should visit the Wilton Wake Up Car enthusiasts early morning car meet.

On Sunday 23rd April we set off for Wilton House Sailsbury. This is the first time I have ever been to this lovely picturesque setting where Wilton House has been the home to the Earl of Pembroke.
At Wilton House they have different themes for the Wilton Wake Up throughout the summer. This Wake Up was called ‘Iconic Performance Cars’


On arrival I was in awe of the settings and its luscious cut lawns within the back drop of the house. Then my eyes focused on all the different types of motor vehicles parked within the splendid grounds in the spring morning sunshine.

I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be standing appreciating the different cars on display. Some of the cars on display would bring back childhood memories of reading my old car magazines.
This is a car meet for real car enthusiasts. You get the chance to get very close to these wonderful vehicles.

The Wake Up Wilton is a great place to meet new and old buddies and to find out the stories behind the vehicles on display by asking the owners directly, whilst having a very delicious coffee and bacon buttie.  Full English breakfast and other treats are available from the café.

If you are a car enthusiast of any age, male or female, this is highly recommended experience.
It started at 8 am and was finished by 11 am which left me with the rest of Sunday to enjoy.

Check out a few of my photos from the Wilton Wake Up ‘Iconic Performance Cars’ below.


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