On March 28th 1991 the then Czech Minister of Industry, Jan Vrba, and the CEO of Volkswagen at the time, Dr. Carl Hahn, signed the contract for the integration of ‘ŠKODA to the VAG Group. With that signing all the jokes about ‘ŠKODA seemed to vanish overnight.

Since then ‘ŠKODA have gone from strength to strength.

Could this be the next 25 years from ŠKODA? 

Check out the three pictures of the ŠKODA Vision S Concept taken by We Blog Any Car at the Geneva Motorshow. 


Skoda Vision S Side  Skoda Vision S  Skoda Vision S Front

The Vision S Concept features a plug- in hybrid drive system. It is 4.70 metres long, 1.91 metres wide, 1.68 metres high and has three rows of seats inside.

We Blog Any Car thoughts……….

Looking at the Vision S Concept Car, I couldn’t help but think this SUV concept isn’t far from production.

25 years? How time flies!

I always wanted a 1989 ŠKODA rapid in the colour black with its coupe looks, rear engine, rear wheel drive.  As a little boy back in the 80’s it had all the essence to be a great drivers car.

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