This is the new Mokka!  From the pictures, it looks like it is carrying on Vauxhall’s new design philosophy….which up to now was only shown as design concepts. 

From launch, it will be available as a fully electric car as well as petrol and diesel. The e-power fully electric version produces 100/kw/136 hp and 260 Nm of torque. 

The new bold design is not only the exterior!! The interior dashboard has a totally digital screen – which can be up to 12 inch. 

An interesting fact is that the new Mokka is 12.5 cm shorter than the previous version…. while offering similar interior and boot space. It has a loading space of up to 350 litres. 

Bold and Pure, this is what Vauxhall’s design of the future will look like. The new Mokka shows athletic proportions combined with precisely structured, flowing surfaces. We have developed this philosophy to create a Design with progressive Bold personality combined with Purity”

Said Vauxhall Design Vice President, Mark Adams.

The new Mokka will be on sale from late summer with deliveries early 2021. 


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